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Avenue of Smiles provides conservative dentistry to preserve the natural health and appearance of patients’ teeth. As a part of that treatment method, Dr. Yan Fisher uses root canal therapy to prevent tooth extraction and protect overall oral health.  

If you are experiencing dental discomfort and are in need of care to restore the comfort and health of your smile, contact our Simi Valley root canal provider to schedule your exam and consultation today.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy allows Dr. Fisher to remove infected tissues from root chambers. This treatment also seals any future decay with the application of a crown or other restoration. Patients are provided with a local anesthetic to ensure their comfort throughout the procedure, as well as options for sedation should they need assistance relaxing.

Root canal therapy allows Dr. Fisher to protect and save patients’ teeth. Tooth extraction is a last resort at our practice and is only used when the affected tooth or teeth are no longer viable.

Lab-Crafted Dental Restorations

Crowns placed after root canals are crafted by trusted local labs. These prosthetics are all-porcelain and can be matched to the shade of the natural teeth. Ceramic crowns not only preserve the smile’s natural aesthetic, but reinforce the durability and health of the tooth after root canal therapy at our Simi Valley dental office. These restorations can be made to meet the durability of the molars, and the natural semi-translucence of the front teeth, depending on your needs.

Should patients require less of the natural tooth structure to be treated during their appointment, we also use restorations such as inlays, onlays, and composite resin.

Conservative Treatment with Lasting Results

Successful root canal therapy can preserve the health of an infected tooth for years to come. The results of this procedure last as long as the restoration remains stable. If your crown has broken, or you are experiencing continuing discomfort on the treated tooth, contact us immediately to undergo examination. Root canal re-treatment can be provided in these cases.

When root canal is not a viable option, we help patients explore options such as dental bridges and implants.

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Root canal therapy is an excellent restorative procedure to preserve teeth that are severely decayed and in need of restoration. Contact Dr. Fisher and our team at Avenue of Smiles today to schedule you exam and consultation for comfort-enhancing care.

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